Fellowships and Health Insurance

School Fellowships

Most SAS students are offered the Benjamin Franklin Fellowship. Some applicants from under-represented groups may be offered the William Fontaine Fellowship. These fellowships offer up to five years of support (depending on program). This includes a stipend paid out over 10 months, tuition, health insurance through the Penn Student Insurance Plan (PSIP), and other general school fees. The Fellowships also offer up to three years of summer funding (i.e. covering July and August) for students entering Fall 2008 and after. Each student can decide which summers he or she would like to receive this support (see below for more details).

Science programs (Biology, Chemistry, and Physics) and Demography fund their students differently, particularly after the first year, when students usually move on to their professor’s grant funding. These funding packages also cover tuition, health insurance, fees, and a stipend.

Health Insurance 

All students are required to have health insurance with provisions for local coverage. Students can sign up for PSIP or fill out a waiver, if you have separate insurance, in August before school starts. If a student does not do either of these by mid-September, he or she is automatically enrolled in PSIP. The PSIP coverage year runs from August 15 of one year to August 14 of the following year, meaning that students have coverage for the few months after spring graduation.

More information on student health insurance can be found at the Student Health Service where students can also find documents detailing PSIP coverage.

Summer Funding

Students who entered Fall 2008 and after are eligible for (up to three years of) summer funding. In late spring, students will receive an e-mail and a form to fill out from their Department or Program Coordinator. This form requires a brief explanation of the student’s intended program of research for the summer and requires the signature of the Grad Group Chair. Students need to turn in the form even if they are deferring summer funding.