Funding for Individuals

The following programs are designed for application by individuals. They support travel for research and professional development. Details of the major funds are:

1. The SASgov Travel Grant is funded by SASgov and gives a maximum of $400 which is not guaranteed and only given very selectively.

2. The SAS Dean's Travel Subvention award is funded by the Dean of the School of Arts & Sciences and gives $500 per year and is guaranteed for all SAS students. Accordingly, this is the source that you should apply first so that you can have a guaranteed source of funding to go ahead with your trip. 

3. GAPSA Travel Grants have a much larger budget so they are more likely to fund you compared to SASgov Travel grants. They can fund upto $800 per application. You can apply twice a year for the GAPSA Travel Grants and can apply whether you are presenting at conferences or merely attending them. Considering the high availability of this grant, you should apply to the GAPSA travel grants second after the SAS Dean's Travel Subvention to have higher security of funding. 

  1. SASgov Travel Grant
  2. SAS Dean's Travel Subvention
  3. GAPSA Travel Grant
  4. GAPSA President Gutmann Leadership Award
  5. GAPSA Provost Award for Interdisciplinary Innovation


SASgov Travel Grant 

The SASgov Travel Grant application window for Spring 2017 is now CLOSED.

This grant of up to $400 is designed to support a wide range of academic and professional travel.  Eligible travel includes:

  • Presentation or attendance at academic conferences
  • Participation in professional development workshops
  • Travel for academic job interviews, either at conferences or institutions, if not provided for by the potential employer

Applications are reviewed by the SASgov Finance Committee during our application windows.  Applications are processed on a first come first serve basis but are adjudicated and rewarded selectively.

Only enrolled SAS graduate students are eligible for awards.  Maximum eligible award is $400 subject to other conditions of review and/or possible award.  Applications are subject to adjudication; awards are not guaranteed.  Submitted applications become the property of SASgov.


 SAS Dean's Travel Subvention (Open all academic year and guaranteed to all SAS students)

Travel funds for one trip per year will be made available to those PhD candidates who are invited to give papers or to serve as commentators at meetings of professional organization. Only PhD candidates who are full time School of Arts and Sciences graduate students in residence at the University are eligible to apply for funds.

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Travel funds may be used to cover any eligible travel expenses consistent with University Policy. Expenses will be covered up to a maximum of $500. Requests will only be considered upon the completion and submission of the Request for SAS Travel Subvention form  prior to the trip; the form must be endorsed by the student's faculty advisor and Graduate Group or Department Chair. Contact for further clarification and the application details.

Please submit this form to SAS Financial Services office, 3600 Market Street.

  • Amount: up to $500
  • Application found here.
  • Required: Signature of Faculty Advisor and Grad Group Chair
  • Submit to: SAS Finance Office, 3600 Market St, Ste 501/2649
  • Email for clarifications and application submission: 


GAPSA Research Student Travel Grant (Spring Applications open until April 17th)

The GAPSA Research Student Council distributes individual travel grants to defray the cost of qualified travel expenses for graduate students presenting at academic conferences and meetings or just merely attending the conferences. Reimbursement of all eligible travel costs, with a maximum award of $800.00. Applications will be funded for applicants, once every semester and for a maximum of twice a year.  Students attending international conferences or high impact conferences with large estimated budgets (greater than $1000) are encouraged to apply for the President’s Award. More details here:

  • Amount: up to $800
  • Applications are being accepted for travel taking place from January 1, 2017-May 31, 2017.
  • Can apply twice a year to be funded both times
  • Can apply whether presenting conference or merely attending conferences.
  • Application found here.

GAPSA President Gutmann Leadership Award 

President Amy Gutmann, using the proceeds of her 2009 Carnegie Corporation Academic Leadership Award, has generously provided additional funding to GAPSA to augment GAPSA’s funding for graduate and professional student travel. The Carnegie Award funds are a one-time award that will be dispersed to students over the next few years. The President’s Award will be given as a travel grant to students presenting at either an international conference, or a conference within the United States that would normally be out of their budget even with an Individual Travel Grant through the Research or Professional Student Councils. Students must be presenting at the conference to be eligible. The grant applications will be reviewed by a committee made up of 3 research students, 3 professional students, the Vice Chairs for Research and Professional Students, and the Vice Chair of GAPSA. More details here:

  • Amount: up to $2000 or 50% of total expenses, whichever is less.
  • Application found here.


 GAPSA Provost’s Award for Interdisciplinary Innovation 

The GAPSA Research Student Council in conjunction with the Office of the Provost offers $6,000 grants to provide summer support for research projects that promise to harness the knowledge of different academic disciplines to explore societal issues. Individual students or teams of students may apply for this award by submiting a proposal for a summer research project that clearly intends to integrate knowledge across academic disciplines.More details here:

  • Amount: up to $6,000 per project
  • Application found here.