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41st Annual Penn Linguistics Conference (PLC)

The Department of Linguistics welcomes the Penn community to the 41st Annual Penn Linguistics Conference (PLC)!


PLC will take place March 24-26, 2017 at Steinberg-Dietrich Hall, 3620 Locust Walk.

PLC is a conference run by the graduate students in the Linguistics Department at Penn.


The conference will open on Friday March 24 with a Special Panel on Language Acquisition, with Penn professors Charles Yang (Linguistics, Computer Science and Psychology) and John Trueswell (Psychology), along with Jeff Lidz (University of Maryland), Silvina Montrul (University of Illinois) and Ailis Cournane (New York University). On Saturday, a keynote address will be given by Ashwini Deo (Ohio State University), whose work involves the intersection of Semantics/Pragmatics and Historical Linguistics. The rest of the Saturday and Sunday program is filled with presentations by PhD students and faculty members from national and international universities.


We invite students from the School of Art and Sciences and from the other departments to join us in this exciting conference. Thanks to generous funding from GAPSA, the admission will be FREE for all Penn Graduate and Professional Students not affiliated with the Department of Linguistics. For additional information, please visit If you would like to attend PLC for free, please contact us at prior to the event for further instructions.


The Untimeliness of Media: Intermediality Across Eras in German Literature, Culture and Art.

The Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures is excited to announce this year’s graduate student conference, “The Untimeliness of Media: Intermediality Across Eras in German Literature, Culture and Art.”


Participants will present on issues of temporality in interactions between forms of media in German cultural production and artifacts. Papers explore music, visual arts, film, architecture, and technologies of aesthetics.  The conference begins February 18th at 3 PM

 and Christopher Wood (NYU) will give the keynote at 5:30 PM in the Max Kade Center (3401 Walnut St, Rm 329A). The event will continue all day on Friday February 19th.  Please see for more information.


We hope to see you there!


23 FEB Coffee Break with SASgov! 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM

  • Come take a break with SASgov! We'll have coffee, tea, and food (gonna have to bring back the salmon!) courtesy of Gold Standard. See you there!

Coffee and Conversation

Coffee and Conversation
Tues. Dec. 153:30-5:30pm, Benjamin Franklin Room, Houston Hall: 
Take a break from papers, finals, and grading with free food, coffee, and tea from Gold Standard! 
Families very welcome!



End-of-Semester Happy Hour @ Frankford Hall

To those who made it out to Frankford Hall, hope you had a good time! 
End-of-Semester Happy Hour @ Frankford Hall
Fri. Dec. 115-7pm
Celebrate the end of the semester by coming out to Fishtown and joining SASgov for free beer, sausages, and pretzels at Frankford Hall! (And of course a spot of Jenga and ping pong.) Open and free of charge to all SAS grad students; guests may receive drink and food tickets for $10.
**Make sure you bring your 21+ state-issued ID as well as your Penn ID!**